St. Petersburg
August 2019

“House on Chicken Legs” built in 1966 on Novosmolenskaya Embankment of St. Petersburg, Russia. (Next to "Primorskaya" metro station.)

“House 1” on Novosmolenskaya Embankment (1983-1986) spans 760 meters long and is one of the longest buildings in the city.

Surveying the city from a Ligovski Prospekt rooftop.

Construction — in with the new, renovating the old, paint jobs, scaffolding, and otherwise

Constructivist darling — Jakov Chernikov, Krazny Gvozdilschik (Red Carnation Factory), 1931, Vasilievsky Island

East side of the Red Carnation Factory with a new development in the background.

Lightly utopian (?) novostroyki (”newly-builds”) near the “Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad.”

Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics

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