colored pencil, 20x30”, 2017

I have a distinct memory of my mother shelling snap peas that she picked in my grandmother’s garden in Lyudinovo, Russia. I chose to render this drawing in split- complementary colors to portray the dreamy quality of a moment that occurred so long ago. Colors bleed between the shirt, the skin, and the skirt; this piece is not concerned with mimetic representation. Expected color profiles are inverted to signify a scene that is out of the ordinary. Fleshy skin turns purple with ripples of blue undertones and yellow highlights in the depiction of a memory. Yet among this haziness, the piece nonetheless conveys vitality through the glowing green peas held in the hands of my mother. The precise detailing on certain sections of the drawing—the wedding ring, the patterning on the skirt, the moles on the skin—create moments of tenderness that convey feelings of nourishment and attentiveness. My mother's figure, grounded only by a delicate line that extends into a blank abyss, exists outside of a place and time. This moment in the past lives on now only through my spotty memory and its augmented manifestation through this drawing on paper.

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